Feliks Audio Euforia kuulokevahvistin

Feliks Audio Euforia kuulokevahvistin
Kategoriat: Johdot, RCA-kaapelit
Brand: Feliks Audio
1899 EUR

Feliks Audio Euforia kuulokevahvistin Tekniset tiedot - Model 2019 Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Frequency response: 8 Hz - 75 Khz +/- 3 dB (300 ohm) Power output: 250mW THD: 0.4 % (300 ohm, 20 mW) Supported headphones impedance: 32 - 600 ohm including planar magnetics Premium PsVane CV-181 Mk2 “Gold” /or “Silver” PsVane 6SN7 driver tubes * Improved noise cancelling construction High grade power transformer 100% pure silver signal wiring in teflon jacket Heavy duty teflon gold-plated tube sockets High quality Mundorf and Nichicon capacitors Dale and Caddock resistors Preamp safety circuit Gold plated RCA inputs Headphones output: Jack 6.3mm Dimensions: 310x205x175[mm] Weight: 6kg 3 years warranty Myyntipakkauksen sisältö Beautifully hand-crafted Tube Amp matched pair of driver tubes PsVane CV-181 Mk2 “Gold” /or PsVane “Silver” * matched pair of power tubes 6N13S (NOS) * AC cord User Manual Warranty Card * depending on selected option Feliks Audio Euforia review - Headfonia Euforia 2018 review by Headfonics Feliks Audio Euforia review by OldNewSound Euforia 2018 review by 6moons